Everlast SM200-MTS Spool Gun | Welding Aluminum with Power MTS 251 SI Welder

Setting up and using a Everlast SM200-MTS Spool Gun Welding to weld Aluminum with a MTS 251 SI Welder. Note the nice easy set up of the gun to the machine, Looks like a smart rig, nice set up!

In consideration that I just made the HTP MIG gun video, and this footage looked remarkably identical, I present to you the spool gun installation/test in music video format. I hope you AC/DC fans enjoy it!
Everlast SM200-MTS Spool gun welding aluminum with Power MTS 251 SI welder. This spool gun spray arcs aluminum quick and efficiently, as advertised. In fact, I see no drop off in the quality of welds sprayed by my SpoolMate 150, which is hooked up to my MillerMatic 211. Test coupons are 6061T6 1/4″ x 6″ aircraft aluminum and I am using Lincoln .35 4043 wire.

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