Steel Door Production Using Hydraulic Press 2000 ton | Metal Door Panels

Sheet metal machinery manufacturer Accurl demonstrate their 200to hydraulic press used here in the production of metal door panels. We see the complete process flow from uncoiling, through the fabrication process of pressing, cutting, welding assembly and surface finish (full process flow below).

Steel Door Production Line for Hydraulic press

The production line contains decoiler for steel coil , autofeeder and shearing machine for cutting steel sheet, hydraulic press for embossing door panels, stacker for stack the finished door panels,punch press for punching necessary holes, press brake for bend door panels,assemble and weld door panels,hot press, cut and weld door frames, spray powder, wood grain transfer printing, spray paint, assemble door and door frame.

Processing Flow:

Steel Coils → Decoiling → Leveling → Pressing → Cutting → Stacking → Punching → Bending → Assembling and Welding Door Panels → Hot Pressing → Cutting and Welding Door Framess → Transfer Printing → Spraying → Assembling Door and Door Frame

Steel Door Production Line Equipment:

1. Cut to length line: Decoil, Level and Cut Steel Coils

2. Hydraulic Press: Press Door Panels

3. Hydraulic Shearing Machine: Shear Door Panels

4. Punch Press: Punch Necessary Holes

5. Hydraulic Press Brake: Bend Door Panels

6. Hot Press: Hot Press and Glue Steel Door

7. Welding Machine: Door Panels and Frames

8. Spray and Painting Line

More information regarding their metal fabrication machinery can be found here

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